Our Services include:

Systems Development.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems

An electronic medical record (EMR) system manages data about the patient, their visits, and treatments performed. It is typically used as a replacement for a paper patient chart, but can provide more functionality such as e-prescribing.


E-prescribing software allows clinicians to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies. It eliminates the task of trying to decipher handwritten prescriptions and typically forces the user to specify enough information so that the drug can be dispensed without a call back from the pharmacy.

Medical billing software

Medical billing software provides the mechanism for the clinicians to get paid for providing treatment.

Medical scheduling software

Medical scheduling software makes it easy to schedule patients, clinicians, resources, and locations so that procedures or exams can be performed.


Website design

We design websites for medical professionals that include

1. Practitioners bios and photos.

2. Locations maps and photos.

3. Medical services provided.

4. Forms

5. Online appointment requests

6. Online patient surveys.

Website maintenance

Our website maintenance services include;

1. Provision of website traffic statistics and analysis.

2. Content updates.

3. Internal and external link verifications.

Website redesign

For those who have an existing website and would like to redesign it we offer the following services;

1. Content updates.

2. Redesign of existing website to give it an aesthetic appeal.

Search engine marketing

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